Peace at Last- After suffering from horrible allergies for thirty years, I finally have relief. I researched all the products and decided on this one. It took about thirty minutes to install.      After about a week, I was breathing easier. Within a month, I barely noticed my allergies. I recommend it to anyone with indoor allergies.

Highly Recommend, I would recommend this product to anyone and have told family members to invest in this product. After suffering through a series of horrible allergies I went looking for a solution. After seeing all the positive reviews on this product I bought it and hoped for the best. Did I ever see an improvement with my allergies! The relief is worth the cost and time to install.

Great product!  My elderly mother bought this for herself. She had me come over and install it for her. I personally didn’t believe that it was going to make a different in her health but helped her out anyway. It was easy enough to get going. Within a week my mother was commenting on how it was easier to breathe. I visited her and she seemed a lot healthier. Since it worked so well for her, I bought one for my home. I’m very pleased with the results. I recommend this product to the elderly, breathing problems or allergies because it seems to work.

It Works! – With my daughter’s allergies we try to keep the house really clean. Once I heard about this product and all the possible benefits I had to try it. It was delivered very fast and came with a detailed set of instructions. Luckily I had an outlet near the vent to plug the system in, which was the only possible issue I saw with the product. After I installed it the house just felt cleaner. I think it really works! It’s great!